What is the Infrastructure Financing Plan?

The Infrastructure Financing Plan, or IFP, is the governing document of the Samoa Peninsula Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (the "EIFD"). The document includes a description of the district, a description of proposed facilities and development projects, a finding of communitywide significance, a financing section, identified goals of the district, anticipated fund revenue, a Fiscal Impact and Incremental Revenue Analysis, and other relevant information to the EIFD. 

Samoa Peninsula EIFD Infrastructure Financing Plan

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1. What is an EIFD?
2. Will the Samoa Peninsula EIFD increase taxes?
3. What about sea level rise?
4. What type of infrastructure projects can the EIFD fund?
5. Is the EIFD conducting an Environmental Impact Report?
6. How long will the EIFD last?
7. What are the Boundaries of the Samoa Peninsula EIFD?
8. Can projects outside the EIFD boundaries be funded?
9. What is the Public Financing Authority?
10. What is the Infrastructure Financing Plan?
11. Why did the County decide to form an EIFD?
12. How were property owners engaged about the EIFD prior to creation?
13. How can I become involved or learn more about the EIFD?