Economic Profile for Humboldt County

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Local Area

In 2020, Humboldt produced 5,877,389 in current-dollar total GDP*. This GDP ranked 35th in the state and accounted for 0.2 percent of the state total. In 2010, the total GDP of Humboldt was 4,723,146 and ranked 33rd in the state.

In 2020, Humboldt real GDP fell 4.1 percent; the 2019–2020 state change was -2.8 percent. The 2010–2020 compound annual growth rate for Humboldt real GDP was 0.0 percent; the compound annual growth rate for the state was 2.7 percent.

*GDP estimates are in thousands of dollars.

Industry Composition

Goods- and services-producing industries and government comprise total GDP. Industry statistics reflect the value of goods and services produced by each of those industries located in Humboldt . In 2020, government produced the largest portion of GDP, while services-producing industries and goods-producing industries produced the second and third largest portion of GDP, respectively.

Humboldt is one of 58 counties in California. It is part of the Eureka-Arcata, CA Micropolitan Statistical Area. Its 2020 population of 134,977 ranked 35th in the state.

Note: 2020 population estimates do not incorporate the results of the 2020 Census. BEA will incorporate the Census Bureau's population estimates based on the 2020 Census results when they become available.


Per Capita Personal Income

In 2020, Humboldt had a per capita personal income (PCPI) of $50,182. This PCPI ranked 38th in the state and was 71.5 percent of the state average, $70,192, and 84 percent of the national average, $59,510. The 2020 PCPI reflected an increase of 8.9 percent from 2019. The 2019-2020 state change was 8.8 percent and the national change was 6.2 percent. In 2010, the PCPI of Humboldt was $35,107 and ranked 32nd in the state. The 2010-2020 compound annual growth rate of PCPI was 3.6 percent. The compound annual growth rate for the state was 5 percent and for the nation was 3.9 percent.

Per capita Income 2020 bar graph. Displaying for Humboldt, California, and United States