Project Trellis Emergency Micro-Grant



The application window is CLOSED. Project Trellis staff will not accept any latent applications or associated materials. 


The requirement for terms and conditions of approval has been updated to not require signatures. In place of signatures, please indicate which conditions have been completed and which ones remain. 


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The Project Trellis Emergency Cultivation Grant was approved by the Board of Supervisors on September 21st, 2021 to help alleviate the financial burden imposed on County of Humboldt cultivators due to COVID-19, fires, drought, or market conditions.

Grant Amount

The total allocation for the emergency grant round is $1,000,000 and will be allocated to selected applicants. Individual businesses may apply may apply for up to $25,000.  The link to the NOFA, PDF of application, and example scoring rubric can be found at the bottom of the page. 


For the purpose of the FY 2021-22 emergency grant round, only individual businesses involved in cultivation are eligible for grant funding and who have been fully licensed to operate within Humboldt County (No Interim Permits). Additionally, applicants must also meet the modified eligibility requirements for Project Trellis Micro Grant funding in order to be deemed eligible.

As defined by Resolution 19-45, as amended by Resolution 20-33, and further modified by at the Board of Supervisors meeting on 9/21/21 to be eligible for Project Trellis Micro Grant funding, applicants must be:

A Humboldt County based Cannabis Cultivation business. Having 75% or more of its operations based in Humboldt County; Currently licensed and registered to operate in Humboldt County; Whose activities are specific to the cultivation of cannabis.

Application Deadline

Applications will be made available online beginning Friday, November 5th, 2021. Hardcopies can be made available upon request. Submission deadline for applications, online or hardcopy, is 5 p.m. PST on Friday, December 17th, 2021.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted after the application deadline.

Application Process

Applications should be submitted electronically. However, hard copies are accepted if some documents are easier to submit in paper format. Applications are to be submitted electronically via the online application form. Electronic attachment formats accept are: PDF, JPEG, of PNG. A PDF download is available via the online application platform, which can be returned via email, including all required attachments, to Hard copies can be mailed or delivered to the County of Humboldt County Administrative Office’s Office of Economic Development, Attn: Project Trellis, 825 5th Street Ste 112, Eureka, CA 95501. Only complete applications, including all required attachments, will be accepted for consideration.

Important note about saving your work:

In order to save your work to this application you must create an account and sign in to the site. Please note that documents uploads will not be saved and must be resubmitted when you return to complete the application.

Once your application has been submitted you will be redirected to the confirmation page and you will receive and email confirming your submission.

Application Packet Checklist

Required (per County Resolution 19-45) All documents listed below must be submitted at the time of application to be considered for funding. Applicants may be required to submit other documentation depending on the nature of their application and expressed need. Document formats accepted for upload are PDF, JPEG, PNG.

  • Completed Application/Coversheet
  • State Cultivation License (Provisional or Annual)
  • County Cultivation Permit (post approval only, cultivators with interim permits are ineligible for funding)
  • County Staff Report and Conditions of Approval
  • County or Jurisdiction Business License
  • Proof of 2020 CA Tax Return filing or Proof of Extension and proof of 2019 CA Tax Return filing
  • All Assessor Parcel Numbers (APN) and Planning Application Numbers (PLN)
  • List of all owners including contact information, county of residence, and ownership share
  • Copy of Past Due Bills for 2021 with due dates
  • Copy of Present Due bills for 2021 with due dates
  • Copy of Debt Accrual for 2021 - Credit card or personal loans used to pay obligations
  • Proof of Projected total revenues for 2021 tax year
  • Examples of past due bills, presently due bills, and debt accrual include but are not limited to:
    • Private loans
    • Payroll
    • State Taxes
    • Paid bills for 2021
    • Outstanding bills
    • Utilities
    • General Liability Insurance
    • Workers compensation
    • Consultant/Professional Fees
    • R&D testing
    • COA testing
    • County Excise Tax
    • State Cultivation Tax, Credit Card, Bills showing debt accrual during 2021
    • Personal loan statements showing debt accrual in 2021
    • Etc.

Emergency Micro-Grant Documents