Project Trellis Community and Stakeholder Meetings

Cannabis community meetings

Cannabis community meetings are intended for members of the Humboldt County cannabis community. Zoom meeting information can be found on our calendar page. For more information please email

Upcoming cannabis community meeting dates

2021 cannabis community meetings
2022 cannabis community meetings
  • Friday, January 21st
  • Friday, April 22nd
  • Friday, July 22nd
  • Friday, October 21st

9.10.21 Community Meetings

Stakeholder meetings

Stakeholder meetings are intended for directors, and board members of organizations and entities that communicate directly with members of the Humboldt County cannabis community. To be included on the invite list for upcoming Stakeholder meetings please email

Upcoming Stakeholder meeting dates

2021 stakeholder meetings
  • Wednesday, August 11th
  • Friday, September 3rd
2022 stakeholder quarterly meetings
  • Friday, January 14th
  • Friday, April 15th
  • Friday, July 15th
  • Friday, October 14th