Project Trellis Cannabis Business Micro-Grants

*UPDATED 11-20-2020*

Update Notice

The Project Trellis Cannabis Business Micro-grant Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) and Application Instructions and Application were updated November 20th, 2020, based on input from the Board of Supervisors and the public.


Thank you for your interest in the Project Trellis Cannabis Business Micro-Grant Program. As specified in Humboldt County Resolution 20-33, the Program’s purpose is to:

…bolster the cannabis industry, and protect future cannabis excise tax revenues by providing services to populations and communities in Humboldt County who were adversely affected by the criminalization of cannabis, to develop a framework for supportive programs designed to sustain and grow Humboldt County's cannabis industry, and to assist cannabis businesses as they work to overcome the financial and logistical challenges of coming into compliance.  

Funding Focus

The total allocation for the current year is $516,492 and will be allocated to selected project proposals. Individual applicants may apply for up to $10,000. Collaborative, mutually beneficial cooperatives and associations may apply for up to $50,000.

Funding Eligibility

As defined by Resolution 19-45 as amended by Resolution 20-33, to be eligible for funding, applicants must be:

1) a Humboldt County based business, cooperative or association (examples include, but are not limited to: Cannabis Cooperative Association, Road Maintenance Association, Agricultural Cooperative), or nonprofit organization; 

2) having 75% or more of its operations based in Humboldt County; 

3) currently licensed and registered to operate in Humboldt County*; 

4) whose activities are specific to the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution or retail of cannabis, or whose organization provides support and/or services to the cannabis industry. 

*If an applicant is not licensed or registered, but is in the process of doing so, the applicant may apply for grant funds for the purpose of completing the licensing and permitting process. 

Application Deadline

Applications will be made available online beginning 8am PST on Friday, November 13th, 2020. Hardcopies can be made available upon request. Submission deadline for applications, online or hardcopy, is 5pm PST on Friday December 18th, 2020.

Application Submission

Applications should be submitted electronically. However, hard copies are accepted if some documents are easier to submit in paper format. Applications are to be submitted electronically via the online application form which can be accessed by clicking the Apply Online button found below. Electronic attachment formats accept are: PDF, JPEG, of PNG. A PDF download is available via the online application platform, which can be returned via email, including all required attachments, to Hard copies can be mailed or delivered to the County of Humboldt County Administrative Office’s Office of Economic Development, Attn: Peggy Murphy, 520 E Street, Eureka, CA 95501. Only complete applications, including all required attachments, will be accepted for consideration.

Applications may be subject to public disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act.

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